Competitive Bidding

Fair Pricing for Every Project

At Tore Electric Company, we value our longstanding client relationships. Serving with honesty and integrity, we strive to turn every project into long-term partnerships. One of the best ways we do this is by offering fair, competitive bids.

We want to be involved in your project as early as possible. This way, we can work with you through the design phase to identify the safest, most cost-effective strategy. We’ll work with your budget, deadlines and more to help you utilize your resources efficiently.

We Use Advanced Estimating Software

We use the Accubid estimating software to list each of our costs including labor, materials, indirect costs and more. Designed specifically for electrical professionals, our bidding system ensures your project estimates are both detailed and accurate.

We can also compare past projects with new projects to further gauge appropriate costs. Lastly, Accubid accelerates your project and provides a seamless transition from preliminary stages to the actual build-out.

Take the Next Steps With Tore Electric

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