Barclays BLDF 300

2/15/2019 to 12/30/2020

Recently, Tore Electric Company, Inc. successfully completed a high-profile lighting project whose office area made up to one hundred sixty-two thousand square feet. The scope of work consisted of an open floor concept where all wiring, conduits, data cabling, ductwork, and HVAC components were exposed to view, as well as the decking of the floor above.

For this project, the work performed required a precise installation. All the wiring needed to be meticulously fashioned so that nothing would be noticeably visible once the above area was painted. The design consisted of low-voltage data cabling run through three floors of cable tray which ran nearly two miles long. 

Tore also built an entirely new distribution center located in the basement, fit-out new electric rooms throughout the interior space, and installed new equipment in the mechanical areas. Tore was also responsible for upgrading life-safety with a newly designed fire alarm system throughout the building, along with medium voltage work (600-33,000 V), which provided emergency power from a substation. This upgrade gave the customer the ability to operate at a higher capacity from a utility-generated source.