Celgene BLDG 12 CAR-T LAB

9/4/2017 to 5/31/2021

CAR-T was a fast-paced, around-the-clock, high labor force project building laboratories that produce a lifesaving cancer treatment through cryogenics. Tore Electric Company, Inc. provided an entirely new normal, emergency, and UPS power system. In addition, we installed new branch circuitry, lighting, lighting controls, and installed roughly three hundred feet of stainless steel wire mold to power lab equipment. Our team was able to meet the demands of this dynamic project schedule by providing 24/7 on-site support to provide fast turnarounds on all RFI’s and other obstacles along the way.

Tore also provided a new design-build fire alarm/gas detection system and wired twelve new air handlers and other high-efficiency HVAC components. In addition, the labs are designed to continue operations in the event of any future natural disasters. To this day, Tore continues to service the electrical equipment on site

“Over the past year, I have gotten to work with your two Foreman (Mike Yanoff and Mike Marek), and I am thankful to have these two leading our projects. They are both honest, hardworking, and kind individuals who truly believe in our company culture regarding construction. Their attention to detail and daily communication impress me and are above reproach. I can tell they are both well respected by the electrical teams working for them.

This is my first time working with Tore, and I am extremely impressed by your field and office staff. I hope to work with Tore electric on future projects as it has been a pleasure.”